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#03 - The Best of the Best

(Pictures from this entry were taken on the date of this blog's creation, May 7th, 2024. Pictured above: Headed west, somewhere over the Midwest)

There is something to be said of the flight attendants who care for us so diligently as we humans come and go, criss crossing the skies.

They go above and beyond. They see SO much.

They have to deal with any number of events we can't comprehend, understand or even begin to imagine.

For example, witnessing a turbulent plane drop a couple hundred feet out of the sky in less then 2 seconds and watch as passengers who did not heed the seatbelt sign, bounce off the cabin roof, head first, then sickeningly slam back down to the floor. (Hitting armrests and other people along the way)

Or having to administer emergency aid to a stricken passenger and at times not have them make it.

Or giving up their specially cordoned off, back row retreat space on a 5 hour cross-country flight, to an adventurous someone who wanted a bit more elbow room. 👋

These examples only scratch the surface of the vastly unique and colorful situations flight attendants around the world manage on a day to day basis.

I've had amazing, unforgettable encounters with the keepers of the skies, kind conversational souls who give their all to care for the passengers in their keep. I've also had few experiences where some of these souls have been tested, tried and made tired by long days, harrowing schedules, and unruly, ungrateful passengers.

Either way, I've learned that these flight attendants are good humans, a beautiful snapshot of the human condition, worthy of respect & patience, kindness & acknowledgement, gratitude and praise.

They are the humans who've chosen to dedicate their lives to connecting all other humans to their earthly needs; selfless servants who sacrifice a bit of their earthly existence so that us "passers-by" can fully live ours.

Here's a heartfelt "thank you" to all of the flight attendants who've made our lives better with their steadfast presence and their unconditional dedication to our comfort, well-being and safety.

(Written on my flight back to LA from Orlando, by way of Detroit, Tuesday, May 7th 2024)

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