First of all, I am honored that you would take some time to learn a bit more about me & my journey. It's a beautiful thing to connect with others, especially in today's world. Thank you for letting me a part of your day.

I'm an adventure loving, music creating individual who loves people. :) Over the past 15+ years, I've had the opportunity to entertain, travel, learn & grow from the experiences this life has afforded me. My favorite part of most every experience I live is the people I get to share them with and the memories & lessons that are earned through the process.

As a professional musician, I've had the opportunity to work & perform with some of the best Private Event bands in the industry. I got to cut my teeth starting at age 19, surrounded by incredible talent and an incredibly supportive team, which offered me lessons & kindness and with whom I continue to work to this day.

I've had the opportunity to perform in many different styles of events, from beautifully intimate unplugged performances for 2, to performing for 11,000+ people in Las Vegas Arenas. From hundreds of beautiful weddings, cruise ship contracts, national celebration events with my band family, Natural Instinct, as well as original music songwriting & production services for clients with my duo partnership with Antonio Fernandez, all of these taking place both at home & abroad.

I'm grateful for the experiences and opportunities I've had and the people who've made them even more amazing.